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Star Trek villain’s name revealed … or not?Beware of advances !!

One thing can be said of JJ Abrams and that is that he is an expert in the art of misdirection. Those who have followed Lost over the years, or Alias, two of the director / screenwriter’s from Open City Acting Studio most interesting television creatures acting techniques and acting classes and I think they are more than aware of it. Sure of the fact that, in this age of unbridled communication and at various levels, it is impossible to keep secret, ours has decided to give Star Trek fans, traditionally voracious of anticipations and spoilers (which are more or less the same thing!), one morsel at a time, only to take back the word and question everything. One of the questions, about the next cinematic sequel dedicated to the saga of Gene Roddenberry, still unanswered is the identity of the villain who will face the crew of the Enterprise in the second big-screen adventure directed by Abrams himself.

It is certainly known that he will be played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the current television Sherlock , who in terms of physique du roleit does not offer many answers or points for discussion. But let’s see what happened in the past few weeks up to the latest events.In the beginning it was Khan. Yes, precisely that of the second feature film with the crew of the Classic Series, brilliantly interpreted on small and large screens by Ricardo Montalban. Thanks to the fact that before Cumberbatch the hypothesis of hiring an actor of Latin origin (like Montalban) had been feared, the fans were convinced that he was the villain. More or less in the same period, to support this hypothesis, some photos relating to a fight between Spock and the “villain” were released, in which it was clearly seen that the latter was able to withstand the infamous Vulcan hold. Only a “Maybe.

Because a few weeks later Simon Pegg (Scotty) comes up with a series of statements about the film saying clearly and unequivocally that the villain would not have been Khan. Everything is again called into question.Meanwhile, JJ Abrams gets interviewed with a lot of Klingon on the screen in the background, another treat for fans. It seems an oversight, but the most experienced are convinced that he did it on purpose. Everyone talks about the Klingons, what role they will play, what they will do, who will command them, how they will be presented in terms of make-up and for a moment the audience forgets the “bad guy”.Until last week.Karl Urban is promoting “Dredd”, another film that sees him as the protagonist and what he’s going to tell you about Star Trek. More or less: “Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job, his GARY MITCHELL is really exemplary !!”. The fat is in the fire! The villain has been revealed. It will therefore be Gary Mitchell, the crew member of the Enterprise played by Gary Lockwood in the second pilot episode “Beyond the Galaxy” of 1966. The man transformed into a powerful telepathic and telekinetic due to exposure to an energy barrier that surrounds the galaxy that soon becomes a danger to Kirk and his people to the point of forcing the captain of the Enterprise to an extreme sacrifice.But even in this case, that is to say in the revelation of Urban, something does not add up. The character of Gary Mitchell has already appeared in the comic with which the writers of Star Trek are reviewing some historical episodes adapting them to the events of the new timeline arising after the “reboot”. The comic wants to bridge the gap between the first and the second film. Again, Mitchell was killed. Furthermore, Roberto Orci, a few weeks ago, had ruled out the presence of Gary Mitchell in the new film.Everything therefore suggests that JJ Abrams and associates have implemented a new mechanism, yet another smokescreen behind which to hide the truth. The movie page on the Internet Movie Database still says “Khan”, followed by “(rumored)”. Certainly it is known that something of Star Trek 2 will be on the net this weekend, thanks to the Comic-Con of San Diego. It is not excluded that the subtitle of the film may be revealed. We’ll see!

TNT renews Falling SkiesThe TNT cable network has ordered the release of the third season of Falling Skies . The new series of episodes will consist of another 10 chapters that will be broadcast on television in the USA over the course of next summer. The current second season (also broadcast simultaneously in Italy on the FOX satellite channel) achieved an average audience of 5,900,000 spectators. According to initial estimates, the show is in first place among the most popular programs of the summer in the age group, which is fundamental for advertisers, ranging from 18 to 49 years.

MTV renews Teen WolfDuring the current San Diego Comic-Con, the MTV network announced that it has revamped the Teen Wolf series for the third season. But there are two important news for this show. The first is that the third season of the serial will consist of 24 episodes, double that of the first and second season in progress. In addition, the production of the show will leave Georgia to move to Los Angeles, thanks to the approval of a new tax regime obtained by the state of California. The episodes of the second season of the show, currently airing in the United States, have obtained an average audience of approximately 1,800,000 spectators.

CBS departure dates

The CBS television network has announced the start dates of the new seasons on the air starting next September. Here they are in detail: – And Finally Mom Comes! season 8> from Monday 24 September at 8.00 pm;- Season 1 Partners > from Monday 24 September at 20.30;- 2 Broke Girls season 2> from Monday 24 September at 9.00 pm;- Mike & Molly season 3> from Monday 24 September at 9.30 pm;- Hawaii Five-0 season 3> from Monday 24 September at 22.00;- NCIS season 10> from Tuesday 25th September at 8.00 pm;- NCIS: Los Angeles season 4> from Tuesday 25 September at 9.00 pm;- Vegas season 1> from Tuesday 25 September at 22.00;- Criminal Minds season 8> from Wednesday 26 September at 9.00 pm;- CSI: Crime scene season 13> from Wednesday 26 September at 22.00;- The Big Bang Theory season 6> from Thursday 27 September at 20.00;- Two and a Half Men season 10> from Thursday 27 September at 20.30;- Person of Interest season 2> from Thursday 27 September at 9.00 pm;- Elementary season 1> from Thursday 27 September at 22.00;- CSI: NY season 9> from Friday 28 September at 20.00;- Made in Jersey season 1> from Friday 28 September at 21.00;- Blue Bloods season 3> from Friday 29 September at 22.00;- The Good Wife season 4> from Sunday 30 September at 9.00 pm;- The Mentalist season 5> from Sunday 30 September at 22.00.

Various news from Comic-ConThere are some advances coming from Comic-Con in San Diego, an event used by all the media to announce their news for the upcoming season. Comics, television, cinema and so on in a pit of events and with guests of all importance. We have collected a trio. – Bones : In the new season, and for three months, Brennan will be a woman on the run along with her father. He will then find himself embracing that existence he has always hated. Meanwhile, the team and Booth will try to get his name cleared; – Homeland : Carrie is a teacher until Saul did not appeal to her to ask for help. She is sent on a mission for three days to Beirut, but things are not going well. Having won the election, Brody has now become a congressman, but he has yet to convince someone that he is not a terrorist; – Arrow : four things to know about the protagonist and the upcoming series: he is a man in all respects and therefore he will not have superpowers, he will not have a nickname, other characters from the world of DC Comics will appear, there will be flashbacks that will explain Oliver’s past Queen.

Cast update

Joel McHale will be in the cast of the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy in the role of Warren, a man who will involve one of the characters of the SAMCRO saga in a sort of double game. The character in question could be Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal). Despite his participation in the new serial Cult as the protagonist, arriving on The CW over the course of the next season, Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) has decided to return to peek in The Vampire Diaries although his character has been shot to death. from a vampire. What will be the terms of his return to the show? It will be a surprise. Todd Williams will be cast in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries in the recurring role of a vampire hunter named Connor. The character will enter the scene in the second episode of the new series. Dewon Sawa returns to Nikita as Owen Elliot, but this time it’s a permanent return. Percy’s ex-guardian will in fact be a regular presence in the third season of the serial. Noah Bean (Ryan Fletcher) has also been promoted from recurring presence to permanent presence in the new series of episodes. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray have signed a new contract that ties them to the NCIS series for another two years. In the new season coming in September, Michael Weatherly will direct an episode. Charisma Carpenter was promoted to a regular appearance in the second season of The Lying Game , which airs on ABC Family. The series tells the story of two twins, separated at birth, who lived two completely different lives. Barry Watson (ex- Settimo Cielo ) will be cast in the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl as Steven Spence, a young entrepreneur who will become Serena’s (Blake Lively) next romantic interest.

The Walking Dead – The AMC television network has announced the start of the third season of the series on October 14th. The Closer + Perception – The two series garnered 6,100,000 viewers (in the first of six final episodes) and 5,600,000 viewers respectively. The second show was making its US debut. Boardwalk Empire – Season 3 of the series kicks off on HBO on September 16 at 9pm. 12 episodes are planned. Sunday 23 September at 22.00 will be the turn of the third cycle of Treme for which 10 episodes are scheduled.

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