Welcome to our Telefilm Archive !! In this part of the site we have decided to collect all those television series that have long since ended in our country. When can a show be considered concluded ? We decided to give us, in this regard, a precise rule: Closed is the TV series that was broadcast in full (that is, from the first to the last episode) on one of the TV channels that broadcast in our country clearly . That is why in this section of EFFE TV you will not find those TV shows that have perhaps been completed for a long time on some satellite or terrestrial digital , but which have not yet found their rightful place in one of the networks that broadcast their programs visible to all.We will not take into account any reruns : if a show, which has already been broadcast in the first television broadcast in its entirety, should be re-proposed , this new step will in any case not affect the status of the series which will continue to be considered finished and will therefore not be relocated. in the other menu.New episode guides may also appear in this archive . In fact, our site does not only deal with the so-called last generation series , but sometimes it also goes to the past of this genre. Proof of this is the presence of series such as Alias or Charmed , but also of more distant events such as the classic series of Star Trek , Space: 1999 , the Visitors or Twin Peaks . It is therefore good to keep an eye on this page from time to time and not consider it as if it were the closet of all those television series that have ended. Each new entry will be adequately reported to site users.We therefore wish you good navigation and good discoveries in the world of the recent and distant past of television series.